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The Restaurants

"Bamboo" -This restaurant provides an à-la-carte dinner service, with Asian specialities, as well as an innovative menu with Indian food. You can dine using tatami-type tables which, together with the faint and filtered lights, will create a unique atmosphere.


"La Adelita" A sequence of colourful spaces and geometries where you can enjoy à-la-carte dinners, with exquisite Mexican dishes. It provides a carefree and pleasant atmosphere that will take you to this incredible country, so you can enjoy its famous cuisine.

Platinum guests have available the widest variety of restaurants with specialities that allow you to have a taste of different culinary traditions. From a fine French dish, to Japanese show cooking and traditional Brazilian “rodizio” service.


Information and hours subject to changes.
For gentlemen, shirts with sleeves and long pants are required in all a la carte restaurants.

It is requested do not wear sandals.
Guests staying at Dr.Nights enjoy free access to all resort bars and restaurants.

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